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Welcome To New Look Hair Clinic

Welcome to Newlook Hair Studio. Newlook Hair Studio creates, “ultra custom” non surgical hair replacement hair systems for both men and women suffering from the devastating effects of hair loss. Newlook hair systems are virtually undetectable to both sight and touch and are manufactured with the highest quality human hair available.
Please take your time as you browse our website. Read the testimonials of Newlook clients and examine our clients photo. You will instantly realise that Newlook Hair Replacement isn’t like other hair restoration companies.

Create any hairstyle you wish
We produce hair replacement systems that appear as though the hair is growing right out of your scalp. With a Newlook Hair System, you can create any hairstyle you wish including those that allow you to comb your hair back and away from your face exposing your entire hairline. These are results that cannot be achieved with expensive and invasive hair transplant surgeries and potentially dangerous chemicals such as Rogaine that empty wallets but haven’t grown back even one full head of hair.
Get all you hair back Immediatelly With a Newlook ultra-custom hair replacement system, you get all of your hair back immediately, restoring your natural appearance as well as your self esteem, self confidence and the ability to project to the world who you really are.

Our Services

We are offer the best services.

Non surgical hair replacement

Non Surgical Hair Replacement Two hours is what it takes now to get a natural hairline. Remember how great it used to feel to run your fingers through your hair?

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Hair replacement

Whether you want a natural hairstyle, the famous footballer Spikes, thick flowing curls, an elegant undo or something crazy, Hair replacement process restores your hair in that particular style quickly and discreetly.

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Hair patch service

People suffering from hair loss have to face a lot as they are constantly pulled down for their looks. This makes them get more conscious and feel that other people are judging them.

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Wig Service

Our Hair Gurus have mastered the techniques of washing and restyling alternative hair. Feeling confident in your piece is what matters most. Wigs should be refreshed every 3- 4 weeks. This timeframe may vary depending on frequency worn, and fiber type.

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Guaranteed RESULTS

Look Good – restoring your hair will make you look years younger. Just look at the photos.
Feel Good – Looking younger makes you feel younger. Great hair improves your confidence, giving you freedom in all areas of your life.
Earn more – Studies show that more attractive people earn on average 15% more. It only makes sense that when you look good, you feel good and you can do everything better – even earning money.


We believe that an important first step in overcoming your hair loss, is to get access to the right information. Our free, private consultation is the most effective way to clarify a myriad of the overwhelming and confusing information and advice that is out there.

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